Sterling silver 9mm bullet earrings silver 38 special bullet earrings silver bullet ring
French hook bullet earrings. Available in 9mm, .357 SIG, 38sp and .40 calibers Sterling silver bezel set earrings with jewel centers. Bullet ring made with a brass shell casing backed with Sterling silver and mounted on a Sterling ring.
Sterling silver .380 bullet earrings Hand made 9mm Bullet Bracelet Bullet necklace made from a real .223 shell casing and a cast sterling silver bullet.
Sterling silver French hook .380 bullet earrings. This finely crafted bracelet is made from cast sterling silver links with real 9mm shells soldered into each
Handcrafted .223 silver bullet necklace
Hand crafted necklace made from a real bullet shell. handmade 38 Special necklace set in sterling silver bezel on a silver chain
Hand crafted bullet necklace with silver back

Bezel set 38 Special necklace