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I have been making the finest bullet jewelry available since 2003. My jewelry is often copied but never duplicated.
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Bullet necklace made from a real .223 shell casing and a cast sterling silver bullet. Sterling silver .380 bullet earrings 380 post earrings
sliver .45 caliber bullet ring handmade 38 Special necklace set in sterling silver bezel on a silver chain silver .45 Caliber Bullet Bracelet
Hand made 9mm Bullet Bracelet silver 38 special bullet earrings Sterling silver 9mm bullet earrings
Bullet Cufflinks - Sterling Silver & Brass Casing Hand crafted necklace made from a real bullet shell. silver bullet ring
Brass Bullet Tie Clip with Crystal Primer Handmade earrings from real .223 bullets. Sterling silver 9mm bullet earrings
Bullet jewelry Gift Certificate Bullet Earrings with Crystal Primer Silver 9mm Bullet Ring
Silver Key Ring with Bullet Stud Hand made Silver Money Clip with Bullet Stud Tie Tack/lapel pin in  38spl, 9mm, 357 sig and .40
Tie Tack/lapel pin in .500 S&W Magnum and .45 ACP Gentleman's tuxedo set 4 studs and 2 cufflinks - Sterling Sslver & brass .45 caliber casing .45 caliber tuxedo studs - Sterling silver & brass .45 caliber casing